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Battle Milk 3


In the third larger instalment of Battlemilk there are now nine artists, namely Christian Alzmann, Justin Ridge, Matt Gaser, Pat Presley, David Le Merrer, Thang Le, Kilian Plunkett, Le Tang and Jackson Sze.
The book is full of self initiated design work for individual projects. Thang Le reveals ancient temples hidden in mountains using his landscape paintings. Christian Alzmann presents a dark tale about a florist in search for a rare flower. Le Tang creates concepts with circus as a theme. Other ideas include a boy who flew to the moon, a sci-fi tale of another Earth, a planet trillions or years old and inhabited by robots, a world of mythical creatures, weird photos from "Little Shutter Boy" and a dreamscape world.

160 pages, Softcover, 11"x9"