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Cannabis Works 1 + 2 by Tanaka Tatsuyuki


The original Cannabis Works is a disturbing fantasy story full of psychedelic scenes, dangerous gangs and crazy machinery. The works mentioned in the title are a vast array of illustrations, character designs, storyboards, sketches and comic strips. The majority of the art is from a fantasy world that seems to be part daydream part real with a generous sprinkle of machines and weirdos.
Hardcover, 7.5"x10.5"x0.8", Japanese, 144 pages

Cannabis Works 2 is the long awaited second anthology from Tatsuyuki Tanaka, summarising the 13 years since the first Cannabis Works was published. Full of illustrations and a continuation of the surreal world from the first book.
Hardcover, 7.6"x10.5"x0.9", Japanese, 160 pages
#tekkonkinkreet #anime #illustration